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Bat Removal

Bat removal is what we do, we get rid of bats and guarantee¬† our work for years. A 1 year warranty is a joke in the industry, if your not offered at least a 5 year warranty consider getting a quote from us! Bats are migratory so a one year warranty means you’ll be paying again next year!

Wildlife Repairs

Guaranteed repairs to stop wildlife from entering your property! During our initial inspection we will identify what is necessary to stop wildlife from getting into your attic.

Bat Exclusion and Repairs

To get rid of bats you need an expert with experience otherwise you’ll find yourself having to hire another company to remove them properly. Bats can be very persistent once they choose an attic or brick wall to invade.


Our standard warranty is usually 5 years on all work performed.

Ultimate Wildlife Control Services

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Let us solve your bat problem for good!

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