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We get rid of nuisance wildlife control issues including, armadillos – opossums – raccoons – squirrels – bats – birds – snakes and more!

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Wildlife Services

Armadillo Removal

We Get Rid Of ArmadillosArmadillos

Trapping armadillos is only part of solving an armadillo problem. We also fix the holes they leave behind and help prevent it from happening again

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Raccoon Removal

We Get rid Of Raccoons

We get rid of raccoons from attics, chimneys, and garages. Raccoons do get into the attic and have young making noise.

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Bat Removal

We Get Rid Of Bats!

Bat removal from attics, walls, and chimneys, we also offer cleanup services and repairs

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Goose Removal


We humanely remove geese by rounding them up manually in a pen. geese are typically only a problem in large numbers or when they are aggressively defending their nest

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Yellow-Jacket Removal

Wasp & Yellow-jackets

We remove large wasp nest from eaves of roofs and yellow-jacket nests in the ground.

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Squirrel Removal


Squirrels, including flying squirrels invade attics all the time on the Northshore. We trap and remove them and even do repairs!

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Snake Removal


While we do some snake trapping, the best service we can offer is preventative as repellants do not work well and they do tend to disappear when called out to locate them!

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Bird Removal


Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows all seem to cause problems to homeowners on the Northshore. We can trap them but like snakes the best method is altering their environment.

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Opossum Removal


I like to call opossums, "natures homeless people" because they love to move around and do not mind sharing their living space with other animals if they will tolerate them.

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Nutria Removal


Nutria do some damage once the take hold of an area. We live trap them using sweet potatoes.

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Fox Removal


We don't do it often but we sometimes have to trap fox. Fox will occasionally make a den under a porch or under a house and that is sometimes just too close for some people to be OK with it and they want them gone. Personally - I would like it if one moved under my house, I think they are awesome!

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Rats & Mice


Our goal is to solve the problem not to treat it. If you are sick of treating a mouse problem and then having it happen again and again -give us a call. We solve the problem for good.

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Wildlife Repairs


Quality Repairs

We make repairs to keep animals out. We fix vents, vent covers, drip edge, roof returns, holes in the roofline, replace soiled insulation, and install new when needed. If an electrician or roofer is needed we do not hesitate to have it done by a more experienced contractor or when a license is necessary for that trade.

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What does it cost for animal removal repairs?

Here is a list of the approximate costs with examples of what type of work we are talking about.

  • Vent Screening: $235.00
    • Large vents can be more
    • Smaller vents can cost less
    • Round, triangle, or square we base the cost on the difficulty level of the install
    • Vent screening is almost always done with 1/4inch hardware cloth attached with screws and from the outside. We rarely re-screen a vent from the interior for a variety of reasons but often animals will just build in the vent itself, especially birds. so if you want it done right, and of course done right the first time – insist on it being done properly.
Round vent screened with 1/4 hardware cloth. Screen is almost invisible from the ground level
  • Gable End Roof Returns: $125-$350
    • Like vents, larger cost more and smaller cost less
    • Usually fabricated onsite on the roof from metal
    • Screwed in place to help prevent a future animal problem
gable end repair
Custom fit metal return to stop animals from getting into the attic
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